Terms & Conditions

Rules and regulations: The tenants agree to respect the rules and regulations of the building, and to avoid any behavior that could cause a disturbance to others. It is however forbidden to: a) use the common spaces that are not specifically pertaining to the property, b) park bikes or motorbikes inside the city building, c) keep any kind of pet (if not differently stated), d) remove furniture or any other object that constitutes the property’s furnishing. The landlord reserves the right to visit the apartment and to show it to prospective clients, after having given notice to the tenant.
Responsibilities: The occupier relieves the landlord from any responsibility for damages caused by a third party (including disruptions in gas, electricity, water supply), and is directly responsible to the landlord and third parties for damages caused by him/her due to water or gas leaks, etc., and for any other abuses or misusage of the property and its belongings. The occupier relieves the landlord from any responsibility for damages, injuries or accidents that may occur to him/her during the rental period. Biccari6 is checked by our organization and the corresponding descriptions are written in good faith. In the event of any problems, the occupier will do his best to resolve them, contacting Biccari6 organization with any written complaint within 24 hours, and thus allowing the organization the necessary time to solve the problem. In the event that this is not done, the occupier that abandons the property before the arranged departure date will lose their right to any possible reimbursement. If due to "force majeure" (out with our control) Biccari6 should be forced to terminate a rental contract, it is authorized to assign, in agreement with the occupier, a similar property: if this property carries a lower price than the original property rented, the occupier will be reimbursed the difference in price; if the property carries a higher price than the original property rented, this will be at Biccari6 ‘s expense. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, both sides are authorized to terminate the contract and Biccari6 will reimburse the occupier, for the days that he did not use the property only, without any further reimbursement. For any legal contestations, jurisdiction will take place in Lecce under Italian law.